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        两江新区官网 >新闻频道 >两江动态 > 正文
        英才大会海外引才 重庆打造高层次人才洼地

        Talents Conference building Chongqing into an overseas talent pool

        The 2021 Chongqing Talents Conference kicks off on 20thNovember at Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center in Liangjiang New Area. This session held overseas sub-venues for the first time in London, UK and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

        11月20 日,2021重庆英才大会在两江新区悦来国际会议中心启幕。本届大会首次在俄罗斯和英国开设海外分会场。



        In the Saint Petersburg sub-venue, more than 100 job vaccines were released by leading enterprises including Liangjiang-based Chang’an Auto and TYLI China.

        Over 40 overseas talents signed letter of intention to work in Chongqing, including 23 PhD students, eight master students and nine undergraduates from Saint Petersburg State University and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

        In the meantime, an overseas talent liaison office has been set in the city as another approach of Chongqing to widen its talent pool.



        (俄罗斯分会场 来源:重庆英才大会微信公众号)

        In the London sub-venue, 23 overseas entrepreneurial projects were signed and will be implemented in Chongqing, covering strategical industries like artificial intelligence and bio-medicine.



        (英国分会场 来源:重庆人社微信公众号)

        Chongqing has been making continuous effort to attract talents from home and abroad in recent years and has gathered 346 high-level talents including academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 500 thousand innovational and enterprising talents.


        Wang Mingyuan, graduated from Belarusian National Technical University with a master’s degree, settled in Liangjiang New Area and was recruited as a researcher at Chongqing Research Institute of HIT in Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone.



        (Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone/Lan Tian)

        Wang said, Chongqing is a fast-rising city and Harbin Institute of Technology has a strong scientific research capability, the institute is a powerful combination and an ideal platform to pursue a career in science.


        Born and raised in Shanxi, Wang said that he is satisfied with his life in Chongqing, “The institute has established a comprehensive system to support our research, where we enjoy maximum freedom to carry out our research. Life-wise, I live in a talent condo provided by Liangjiang New Area and everything I need is within walking distance, where the whole area is well-designed with the exquisite environment.”


        “Honored and grateful, that’s how I feel about me joining the institute and making a contribution to the development of the south-west region as a scientific worker,” Wang added.


        As one of the most important destinations for talents home and abroad in Chongqing, the new area , with its favorable talent policies released and increasingly enriched R&D resources gathered, is becoming more and more appealing to talents, especially those from oversea like Wang Mingyuan given its proactive engagement in international cooperation.


        Chongqing Liangjiang International Cooperation Center, where the Trade and Economic Multifunctional Platform for the SCO Countries is set and Industrial parks including Sino-German Industrial Park, Sino-Swiss Techno Park accommodating European firms settled in Liangjiang New Area are boosting international cooperation, which is widening the talent channel for the new area.

        With the establishment and operation of Western Returned Scholars Association, innovational and enterprising park for postdoctoral fellows, and Chongqing European Center in Liangjiang New Area, talents are provided with an increasingly optimized environment to pursue an career.


        (记者 郭姝彧 董冠男)

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